Alternative Learning Center

Teacher of the Year- SANAA HASSAN

ALC would like to present to you our 2020 Teacher of the Year!

Sanaa Hassan

"I have always been passionate about education, from when I was in high school to my time mentoring students in college and throughout my professional journey as a math teacher. As a first generation American (my mom is from Monterrey, Mexico and my father is from Amman, Jordan) my parents always instilled the importance of attaining a quality education as it would become the door to numerous opportunities. As a teacher, I have stressed the same philosophy to my students. Teaching such a difficult and wildly unpopular subject as high school math, I have developed the approach of meeting my students where they are at, while still incorporating new and sophisticated techniques that align with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). My teaching style is to break down intimidating concepts into more palatable bits for them, which gives students a better understanding of the material and the ability to achieve mastery. My ultimate goal is to help erase mental barriers and the general dislike that students have formed towards math over the years and to build their confidence in the subject, subsequently building their confidence as individuals."