Alternative Learning Center

Front Page

Who We Are

 The Alternative Learning Center is the Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (D.A.E.P.) for the Austin Independent School District. 
We are the placement setting for students who are removed from the traditional school setting for disciplinary actions such as misbehavior or other infractions.
Here, we provide a full core curriculum to prevent students from falling behind during their time away from their traditional school.
As part of Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code, all students participate in an elective course on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and behavior. 

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Alternative Education Department to provide a robust and rigorous blended learning academic environment for students, through the lens of cultural proficiency and responsiveness, by attending to the needs of the Whole Child and providing a restorative climate invested in healing harms and preparing students for continued chance at academic and behavioral success.

Academic Vision

The Austin ISD Academic Vision is driving innovation with a student-centric approach to prepare the 21st century learner for success in a highly competitive and ever-changing environment.
Our academic vision for Alternative Education will follow both the AISD Academic Vision, as well as the National Association of Alternative Education model of excellence.
We will incorporate: 3-Pronged Approach to the AISD Academic Vision
• The changing of curriculum, instructional practice, and assessments to foster the development of students’ “power skills”
• The work of the District supporting the intersection of “whole child”, literacy, and transformational technology into curriculum, instructional practice, and assessments

• The reinvention of academic programming and the enhancement of existing programs to align with the District’s belief in equitable access and inclusion for all AISD students.