Alternative Learning Center


To ensure students have structured and focused instruction, ALC maintains a low student-teacher ratio.

ALC’s highly qualified educators cover the same coursework and follow the same curriculum guides as students’ home campuses.

During their time here, each student is assigned a counselor who checks in with them regularly.

ALC Policy on Electronic Devices

Students at the Alternative Learning Center shall be allowed to use an electronic device if it has been determined by a student’s Section 504 or ARD team that the student requires the use of an electronic device due to a qualified disability. This exception to the use of electronic devices on applies if it is determined by the ARD or 504 Committee that there is not an adequate alternative to the use of electronic devices for educational purposes. If the electronic device is the student’s property, the electronic device shall be held by district staff and provided to the student if the student’s request is for an educational purpose, and then collected again once the educational purpose is completed.